Friday, September 17, 2010

Why should you customize you twitter background?

Not all of these tips should be used together when developing your twitter background design!  It's important to focus on what really sets you and your blog or business apart!

Tip #1 - Let businesses know that you are serious about your blogging and your brand!  It's important to maintain consistency across your social media sites, so don't forget about your twitter page!

Tip #2 - Use the minimal space available on twitter to let visitors know where else to find you and share more information about yourself!

Tip #3 - If you want to make your face known to the world, use your twitter page!  Tiny profile pics just don't cut it!  Vivid backgrounds with you in the forefront will make a definite impression!

Tip #4 - If you're a business, whether large or small, use the space to showcase your product!  Let visitors know where to find you so they'll want to come and visit!

Tip #5 - It's important to match your Twitter background with your twitter design colors so that your palette matches!  You've gotta know your hex values to really make this happen!

Tip #6 - Tiled images are out, go for a big image that draws attention and fades to a twitter background image or design for the largest screen resolution and optimize for smaller resolutions so you don't have to worry about content being cut-off!

Tip #7 - There are lots of great Twitter backgrounds out there...find inspriation but don't copy!  Set yourself apart by branding yourself and what you stand for!

Twitter Page Design - Two Monkeys & a Washtub